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Chapter 10 : Molybdenum

Molybdenum arrow_upward

  • Molybdenum is a very important mineral for regulating the pH balance in the body.
  • For each one tenth of a pH point difference, the oxygen level in the blood may increase or decrease by ten times.
  • This has a direct change on the metabolism and the body's ability to burn fat.
  • If the body doesn't have enough oxygen, the metabolism cannot oxidize enough to burn fat

  • Functions of Molybdenum arrow_upward

  • It plays an important role in the formation of uric acids.
  • It is involved in urine pathways.
  • It forms oxides in the human body and is a component of pterin coenzyme essential for the activity of xanthine oxidase, sulphate oxidase and aldehyde oxidase.
  • Molybdenum is a component of several important biochemical reactions in the body that lead to the detoxification of the liver.
  • It acts as a cofactor of enzymes that catalyze important chemical transformations in the global carbon nitrogen and sulfur cycles.

  • Sources of Molybdenum arrow_upward

  • The following foods are good sources of molybdenum:
    • Buckwheat
    • Canned beans
    • Wheatgerm
    • Wholegrains
    • Offal
    • Eggs

    Daily Dose of Molybdenum arrow_upward





    0-6 months

    2 mcg

    7-12 months

    3 mcg


    1-3 years

    17 mcg

    4-8 years

    22 mcg

    9-13 years

    34 mcg

    14-18 years

    43 mcg


    Women 19 years and older

    45 mcg

    Pregnant women

    50 mcg

    Breastfeeding women

    50 mcg

    Men: 19 years and older

    2.3 mg

    Deficiency Symptoms of Molybdenum arrow_upward

  • Increased respiratory or heart rate.
  • Night blindness (difficulty with seeing in the dark).
  • Mouth and gum disorders.
  • Sexual impotence in older males.
  • Sulfite sensitivity (if molybdenum level is not enough for detoxification).

  • Excessive Intake and Toxicity Symptoms arrow_upward

  • Molybdenum is relatively non-toxic to humans.
  • Symptoms such as gout (inflammation of the joints due to accumulation of uric acid) are possible.
  • Gout affects primarily males over the age of 40 and occasionally, postmenopausal women.
  • One aspect of gout related to molybdenum is decreased uric acid excretion caused by molybdenum and sulfur binding to copper in the kidneys.

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