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Maximize Your "Shorts" Potential

With AI powered Short Videos!

Kimavi is a generative AI Shorts Platform for exploring and creating one minute short videos.

Browse through tens of thousands of "Learn Fast" videos created by our team for inspiration and guidance.

Our advanced AI technology enables you to effortlessly create high-quality short videos tailored to your goals.

Start your short video creation journey today for only $10 a month and revolutionize the way you deliver short video content.

Personalize your video creation template, select male or female speakers from the US, UK, or AU, and use SSML to fine-tune your video audio.

Join the hundreds of satisfied creators who have already seen an increase in engagement and revenue.

Try it today, for only $10 a month!

Create, Customize, and Monetize Your 1-Minute Masterpieces with Our Revolutionary Gnerative AI Platform for Learning

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