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What is AARRR framework in product management?

AARRR is a five-step metrics for user acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue

First A in AARRR is for Acquisition: A metrics for acquiring a user - For example a user went to our web site or downloaded our app.

The second A in in AARRR is for Activation. The user that we acquired via marketing is now activated. Think user signed up on our web site or inside our app.

The third one is retention. Is the activated user coming back? Can we track daily, weekly and monthly usage?

The fourth one is referral: Is user referring to friends and bringing more viral users?

The last one is revenue: Is user buying a subscription or helping us generate ad revenue? What is the monthly per user?

What is AARRR? A Pirate metrics framework for product management?

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