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What is a CPU? What is a GPU? Why does it matter in the field of AI?

What is a CPU? What is a GPU? Why does it matter in the field of AI?

A CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a microprocessor that performs a variety of tasks such as calculations, logic, and control. It is the primary component of a computer system responsible for carrying out instructions or commands of the user.

A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialized processor that is used to render graphics and perform other advanced computations. It is primarily used for gaming and graphics-intensive applications.

GPUs are better for deep learning tasks than CPUs because they can process many tasks in parallel, which allows for much faster processing speeds.

AI algorithms require a lot of data to be processed quickly and efficiently. GPUs are able to process this data much faster than CPUs, allowing them to be used for more complex AI tasks.

GPUs are used to train and deploy deep learning models, which are used in a variety of AI applications such as computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics.

GPUs are also used for general purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU), which allows for parallel processing of large datasets.

GPUs can also be used for real-time simulations and rendering, which is useful for applications such as autonomous driving, robotics, and computer vision.

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