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What is HEART framework in product management?

What is HEART framework in product management? Learn in just one minute

The HEART framework is a methodology to improve the user experience of a software.

Product team needs to identify goals, signals, and metrics for each of HEART’s five categories

Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, Task Success are five categories in HEART metrics

Goals are objectives, Signal are indicators and Metrics is how you measure progress towards goals.

H in HEART is for Happiness, for example users find app helpful and easy, Metrics measurement can be via survey.

E in HEART is for Engagement, For example users enjoy app content, Metrics can be session time.

A in HEART is for Adoption, for example new user use the new feature, metrics can be feature adoption rate.

R in HEART is for Retention, user stay loyal and pay for subscription, metrics can be renewal rate.

T in HEART is for Task success, users can complete tasks, metrics can be time to task completion

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