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Computer Science

  • How does ChatGPT work? What is a Language Model? What is Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback?

  • What are algorithms? Search and Sort algorithms? Why learn them?

  • What are Computer Viruses? Who writes them?

  • What are computing systems? How do they work? What are computing devices?

  • What are desktop apps? Mobile app? How are they different?

  • What are European DMA and DSA laws? What is FedRamp? Why do the matter?

  • What are variables? What is a computer program? How do you control a computer program?

  • What is a CPU? What is a GPU? Why does it matter in the field of AI?

  • What is a firewall? How can it help make corporate network secure?

  • What is a Transformer model in AI? What is encoder-decoder architecture?

  • What is AGI? Will humans need to work if AGI can solve every problem?

  • What is an API? Why does learning API matters?

  • What is an operating system? What is Linux, Mac and Windows OS? What is iOS and Android?

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? How can it impact the future of human productivity?

  • What is Cloud Computing? What is Azure, AWS and GCP?

  • What is Computer Hardware? What is Computer Software?

  • What is Computer Science? What is Computer Engineering? Are they the same?

  • What is Cybersecurity? What is meant by cyber attack?

  • What is data encryption? What are private and public keys?

  • What is data structures? What are important types? Why learn data structures?

  • What is Database Design? How can I learn it? What is Normalization?

  • What is ethical hacking? What is penetration testing?

  • What is Google AI? How it different from Open AI funded by Microsoft?

  • What is Google? What is Bing? What is ChatGPT? Are they the same?

  • What is HIPPA, CCPA and IL4?

  • What is HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Should I still learn them?

  • What is Machine Learning? How can it help in the growth of Artificial Intelligence?

  • What is memory management in Computer Programming? Why does it matter? What is buffer over run?

  • What is metaverse? Why do we need it?

  • What is mobile programming? What are the basics that one should know about mobile on iOS and Android?

  • What is Moore's Law? Is it still valid?

  • What is O(N) notation? Why learn it?

  • What is software engineering? What is hardware engineering?

  • What is SQL and No SQL databases? Which one should I learn first?

  • What is TensorFlow and Keras? How do I learn them?

  • What is UX? What is UX design? How do i become a UX designer?

  • What is UXD? What is UXR? What is the difference?

  • What is video game design? How do i become a video game designer?

  • What is WCAG Guidelines? Why should I learn about it?

  • What is web programming? What are the basics that one should know about web programming?

  • What will be the most paid computer jobs in the next 10 years? Why?

  • Why should I learn Python and JavaScript? Why should I learn SQL?

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