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  • How do you apply the tools of valuation to start-up ventures

  • How do you become comfortable with twists and turns of entrepreneurship?

  • How do you convince your family and friends to support you in the entrepreneurial journey?

  • How do you file a patent? What is provisional patent?

  • How do you file a trademark? Does it matter? What is Cease and Desist notice? Can you fight one?

  • How do you Identify a business opportunity? How do you assess the market potential?

  • How do you run experiments to validate concepts and refine your business strategy?

  • How to accept failure, throw in the towel and move on to the next?

  • How to build a mission oriented mindset and rally up the team to the mission?

  • How to understand the opportunities and tradeoffs associated with different sources of financing

  • What are the forms of business types that you can register? Should you create a C-corp or an LLC?

  • What are the key financial decisions entrepreneurs must make in the early stages of a startup?

  • What are the Millionaire's Secrets of How to Start A Business Effectively?

  • What is an innovator’s dilemma? What is the gut check?

  • What is entrepreneurship and who fits the profile of an entrepreneur?

  • What is the minimum viable product? How do you know it is time to pivot your product?

  • What is the POCD (People, Opportunity, Context, Deal) framework?

  • What is the process of raising capital? How to find and sell to investors?

  • What is the role of venture capital in an entrepreneurial journey? Should you take VC money?

  • What is the target market? How do you conduct market research?

  • Why is entrepreneurship a viable career choice?

  • Give me an elevator pitch for an AI Tutor idea? Can every human on planet get an AI tutor?

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