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High School Earth Science

  • What are biomes and ecosystems? Why are they important?

  • What are Clouds? How do they form? How clouds can carry water?

  • What are coral reefs? Are they Alive? Are they endangered?

  • What are forests? what is tropical rainforests? What is a taiga forest?

  • What are key weather terms that one should remember?

  • What are Ocean waves and currents? What are ocean tides? What is a Tsunami?

  • What are Rocks? What are key geology terms that one should remember?

  • What are seasons? Why do we have seasons?

  • What are the phases of the moon? Why do we have them?

  • What are various layers in the atmosphere? Why do we need them?

  • What is a Desert? What is a grassland? How are they different?

  • What is a hurricane? How are they formed? How are they measured?

  • What is a tornado? How are they formed?

  • What is Climate? What is Weather? Are they different?

  • What is Earth’s Atmosphere? How does it work? How is it different from other planets?

  • What is Global warming? How to reduce global warming?

  • What is renewable energy? What is Solar and Wind Energy?

  • What is salt water? What is freshwater? Can we get freshwater from salt water?

  • What is the Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen cycles? Why are they important?

  • What is the environment? What is pollution? How to reduce pollution?

  • What is the food chain? What is food web? Are they Same?

  • What is the Ozone layer? What is happening to it?

  • What is weather forecasting? How does it work?

  • What are earthquakes? Why do they happen? How to measure earthquakes?

  • What are fossils? How Petrol and gas were created?

  • What are glaciers? How were they created? Art they threatened?

  • What is a volcano? How were they created? Why do they erupt?

  • What is Coal? How was it formed? Is it a fossil?

  • What is Earth Science? Why study it? What jobs are available for Earth Scientists?

  • What is Soil Erosion? How to prevent it?

  • What is Soil Science? What does a soil scientist do? Why soil science matters?

  • What is the composition of the Earth? What are inner layers of the earth?

  • What is the Water Cycle?

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