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Math Formulas

  • Learn Formula for the Einstein's theory of relativity in One Minute

  • Learn Formula for the Law of gravity, Newtons law of universal gravitation, in Just One Minute

  • Learn Pythagorean Theorem in one minute

  • Learn The fundamental theorem of calculus in Just One Minute

  • What is the probability of two mutually independent events?

  • What is the probability of two mutually exclusive events?

  • What is the simple probability formula?

  • What is area of a rectangle, Parallelogram, Square and triangle?

  • What is formula for circumference and area of a circle? What is diameter and π?

  • What is the formula for volume of a rectangular solid, cylinder, pyramid and sphere

  • What is formula for Arithmetic mean and Arithmetic Average?

  • What is formula for permutation, combination and factorial?

  • What is formula for Bayes' Theorem

  • What is the formula for simple interest

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